Tips on Raising Tomatoes05/09

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Download Work sheet from garden class in Camas, WA.

Tomato Tips

1. Hardening out is for sun exposure, not cold
2. Plant on calm rainy day soil temp of 65 deg
3. Water with warm water at transplant
4. Place water stakes, 2” PVC burred not driven in.
5. Mulch after ground warms up
6. Do not prune upper plant
7. Fertilize w/ low nitrogen numbers or none
8. Keep damp always
9. Days till maturity is from set-out date to harvest
10. Grow more than one kind in case of disease
11. Water below plant
12. Blossom end rot is low calcium uptake, lime shortage
13. Blossom drop is cold weather stress, use “bloom set”
14. Cracking is from a wet to dry to wet cycle
15. Do not smoke around tomatoes tobacco carries a fungus
16. Cut tomato off vine, less damage
17. Feed only after tomatoes are golf ball sized
18. Tomatoes will drown; they need good drainage
19. Cut off large weeds so as not to disturb roots
20. Cultivate to 1” to add air to soil
21. Remove blossoms at transplant time
22. Use a starter hormone to water transplant
23. Do not water lightly, the roots will grow up, deep water
24. Pyrethrum and Rotenone are plant derived pesticides
25. Keep ground clean, disease comes from soil

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